Currently our business is focusing on personel media creator industries such as MCN business.

Without a cameraman, it is not easy for a individual person to make video contents as a professional.

So, we are making new solution to provide media contents creators with very innovative and futuristic personal brocasting platforms.

Our core works are (1) implementing robotic technologies to the platform so that the user can easily control the camera shooting position and make their own video contents alone; and (2) provide the users with the advanced application software to record and edit the video contents created by the users.

To this end, we use various technologies such as the gesture sensor to control PTZ movement of multiple camera alone based on the user movement, 3d scanner to make personal mobility as self-driving, 3-axis gimbal stabilizer to produce stable video recording while self-driving, stereo camera to broadcast realtime 360 video  through online, and WebRTC for P2P data transmission. Our final goal of solution is to provide users with the platform that enables users to be an innovative self-directed video content creators.

Based on our technology, we recently build the prototype of personal cameraman, namely “TrakQ”, which can track the position of user and record video. So, the user can record video alone while walking and runnng around the fixed position of camera mounted on the tripod.




Our potential B2B customers will be media , entertainment, and sports companies.


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